Thursday, February 28, 2008

well, saints an' begora

the luck o' the irish appears to already be with me...

my trip to NY for st. patty's day fell through, but lo, and behold...trip to LA (and I don't mean Lower Alabama for you natives) to hang with my brother and sister-in-law just fell into my lap.

seriously. how else could I have gotten tix out there and back for $115???

there is obviously a personal saint up there lookin out for me, knowing i'd enjoy a few 75 degree days and sunshine. march is a mighty fine month to visit LA, according to my brother.

Grauman's Chinese theater and all cheesy tourist sights, here I come! fortunately, I have inside info on all the good local "must see's" as well from my bro. =)

Over the Rhine and Ani DeFranco at the Ryman on the 14th, then off to LA for 5 days...

oh, I will smile for days!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

bye bye to the old

check out my new living room, soon to be delivered...

i'm excited and nervous. excited for a new sofa and chair (will add another chair later) and i just hope it all looks as good as i envision it in my living room.

another major purchase. feeling adult again. specially with the new job, which definitely enabled the new furniture. =)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

just about 10

so it's just about 10 hours to go til I teach my first class...

yes, indeed, i got the job! (insert cheers, clapping and orchestral fanfare here) my apologies for not updating amidst the flurry because I start tomorrow!

yeah, yikes and double yikes. there may be little sleep this week, due to lack of time to prepare lessons ahead of time (and the sunny day Saturday didn't help, I HAD to play outside since it was my first Saturday off in forEVer).

Gracious Father, give me strength this week...wisdom, discernment as I think on my feet. let me be engaging and funny while communicating the material effectively so these young eager minds will grasp it. Thank you for the opportunity. may whatever amount of sleep I get be enough...

Monday, February 04, 2008

Tuesday, 6:30pm CST

okay, so I know I have a ton of catching you up to do. it is true, I haven't written much in quite some time. for now, I must leap into the present...

much like the character Red in Shawshank, I find I'm so excited I can hardly hold a thought in my head. I have an interview this Tuesday for a teaching position at a local massage school.

I have wanted to venture in this direction for some time, not giving up my bodywork practice, just do a little less (to save my own shoulders, and right knee at present, for the long haul). the opportunity presented itself (with a little divine intervention, I do believe) as I was revamping my resume and beginning my search on seriously had to be a god thing, I emailed about a position supposedly in Nashville that turned out to be one in Kentucky, but the lady knew their Nashville site was looking for instructors, too (tho there are no ads out), and even gave me names and numbers of who to contact.

whaddya know? a day later and I'd already been asked to come in for an interview AND (overwhelmed me a bit) practice teach a short lesson on draping while they observe and evaluate. ZOINKS! and they even mentioned to be prepared to stay and fill out paperwork if all goes well...HOLY CRAP! these guys are serious!

all I've been able to think about is my lesson plan and tweaking my resume. super duper graphic artist K. hooked me up with a new awesome logo for my header to help my res stand out. and my lesson plan is DONE. i've even got analogies with draping and dynamite and acrostics using the letters TNT to really make it stick. oh yeah, so patting myself on the back (and thanking Jesus, totally) for that. heh heh, I could even have my own theme song...

a little AC/DC anyone? T N T...DYN-O-MI-ITE!!!

also, the teaching hours don't even interfere with my hours at the spa right now, so I wouldn't even have to worry about changing them right away.

again, I'm soooooo excited I can hardly hold a thought in my head...