Friday, July 28, 2006

80's Bash

i thought of calling this post, "Birthday, the Sequel" as a tribute to my fav show of the 80's. anyone get the reference? bonus points if you can tell me the actual phrase and which character actually used the phrase...

yes, indeed, i had an 80's Bash to celebrate my 33rd birthday. the 80's were, by far, my favorite decade. and since i never really got to indulge in all the crazy fashions of that decade (tho i did have the "claw" bangs and ripped jeans - by wear, not my raggin them out), i wanted to do it up right this time! oh yes, costumes were required!

Reagan was nice enough (read: bribed with a free massage) to let me use his place, since mine is not so big. i decorated it with cassettes/liners and neon shapes with phrases on them from the 80's. figured everyone's costumes would be enough decoration. and good ol' Chad let me borrow his Time Life Sounds of the Eighties CD Collection (all 28, baby!) to rock the house all night long.

the 80's trivia ended up being a bust, too long of a game. but always armed with a few decks of cards and chips, games of Euchre and Texas Hold 'em ensued til the wee hours. i think there was even a dance challenge or two, one of which i know i won! (bring it on, Beth!) you can't touch my "Running Man" baby. what else do you do when you're on a sugar rush from sodas and Pop Rocks and Skittles?

yeah, we'll be having another one of these parties, for all you that missed the fun, and probably just because we wanna get 80's crazy again!

oh, and did i mention that i had to wash my face 3 times for all the makeup to come off? pink eyeshadow everywhere! and my hair was sooooo HUGE and stiff from the half a can of hair spray in it, that i had to tie my hair down with a bandanna to change shirts after i got home =)

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeee!

yes, indeed, my birthday was celebrated with style this year. twice!

Fiesta style:

went with my gurlz to Moe's Southwest Grill on my actual b'day (the 17th) for a small shindig. they had a few surprises for me. the first of which was pink (yes, i said pink) frilly Birthday Princess crown, which i actually did wear (much to your surprise, i'm sure). we had good food, of course (it's Moe's, they have "Burritos the size of your head!" according to my brother) and then cupcakes for dessert (which i did know about, cause Melissa asked me what kind i wanted), chocolate with cream cheese icing. YUM! and Mel even brought strawberries to top them off. good thing since she was driving crazy on the way and they fell over in the container (oh noooooo, not the icing!).

after we were so full we were about to pop, the guys from the kitchen came out with the Sombrero for me to wear while they sang Happy Birthday to me. continuing with the south of the border theme, even more fun ensued, as i was led out back to where the girls had a pinata waiting for me! it wasn't very sturdy, as i kept knocking it off the string that held it up! so i went after it softball style: they "pitched" the candy stuffed turtle to me, and i knocked it's head off! (albeit took 3 tries, but who's counting?) evidently, Melissa was very excited about getting her hands on some NERDS, because she stepped on my sandaled foot and we all went tumbling down like dominos. my freshly pedicured toes were fine (which of course, is most important). however, my foot was bruised the next day! dang, Melissa! that's some serious candy lust!

thanks for all the surprises, ladies. it was definitely one of the most fun birthdays i've ever had!

pictures coming soon...

Monday, July 10, 2006

the latest

okay, so it's been a ridiculously long time since i wrote something on my blog. i have no excuse and really haven't been that busy, just been workin and playin and such. it definitely feels like the lazy days of summer to me. so here's the recap of stuff over the past 6 weeks:

~another cousin got married. outside. in june. in south alabama. do i even have to tell you how hot that was? yes, i am the oldest grandchild on that side of the family still not married. only one other cousin on the other side not married, she's 3 months older than me. solidarity, sister, yeah!

~the new show Kyle XY premiered on ABCFamily and is as good as the hype. lovin this new show!

~another new show, Saved on TNT, is BETTER than the hype. and, i do believe Tom Everett Scott is hotter than Matt Dallas. there, i said it. do with it what you will.

~i went to Tunica (finally) for July 4th weekend cause the spa closed on monday and tuesday for the holiday. went with my friend, Clint. a boy, you say? why yes, he is. how adult of me to be taking a trip with a boy, i know. just a friend. promise! otherwise, there would be far more details on the blog ;) he's a good poker player, it was a practical decision. so we went, played lots of poker, up and down with the money, yadda yadda, we had a blast! Clint even taught me a bit about Craps, which is a seriously hard game to understand. he came out up a few bucks overall for the trip. i was down a bit, but, (yes, there is a but...) i have won EVERY cent of it back playing online this week (which i seem to be gettng pretty darn good at, or just lucky). gotta love it!

~just finished reading To Own a Dragon by Donald Miller. very healing book for me. highly recommend it to anyone who's ever had a dysfunctional relationship with their dad. i just love how Don lets us into his world and isn't afraid to say all those little things we've all thought but been afraid to face or say out loud. it's beautiful. i actually made my dad a present for father's day this year, a collage of photos i took on my SC trip. hope he really likes it.

~saw Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest Saturday night in ghetto Rock Star style (dressed up for Christina's b'day celebration). is it just me or does Johnny Depp get sexier with age and black eyeliner? POTC 2 did not disappoint, and may indeed be better than the first! my fav was the clerks dressed up in Pirate gear when I bought my ticket and the girl/pirate who waited on me had a hook and was workin the register with it. now that's impressive! i attempted to steal some of her gold Pirate money on the counter and got an "Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh, get your hands off me gold, matey!" out of her. very fun, and I did swipe a gold coin, heh heh!


my birthday is coming up next week. a week from today to be exact. it's the big 33. yes, indeed. i'm mulling over party ideas as i type. i'm thinkin 80's - costumes, games and all...

who's bringin the Pop Rocks???