Monday, December 04, 2006

the sounds of silence

the birds moved out friday. my cat and i both said, "thank you, Jesus" not being mean, just honest. she's allergic (we are hoping that no more birds cures asthma attacks she has been having) and I just never really did like them. i agree with what my mom said when she visited last year, "birds are meant to be outside and fly, not in cages." amen.

everything else was moved out on saturday, and I continued preparations for new roomie (and new kitten, whoo hoo!), and new season, it seems. fall/winter is typically a time of great change for me, some years more than others. being that this is year 33 for me, I had an inkling from the beginning that this year in particular might hold some significance. indeed, so far, there seems to be a serious amount of overhaul all over the place (which, by the way, is why I haven't been writing much lately, I know, seems like it would be the time to write even more...just been simmering quite a bit and neglected to write).

metamorphosis is an interesting thing. go check out the journey it takes to become a butterfly (google it)...during all the change, it gets encased in all the kaka that's coming out of it until the new growth is complete and the chrysalis opens to reveal the mature butterfly. yeah, it can feel like that some days, but more what I feel is the complete reorganization of me from the inside out - spiritual, emotional, physical - complete metamorphosis.

I just read that a day before the adult butterfly emerges, the chrysalis becomes transparent. that is my biggest hope, to be completely transparent, let the old parts fall where they may, and get ready to fly...