Tuesday, February 27, 2007


it's about that time...spring's almost here. the weather is changing gradually, unsure if it will be chilly or warm from one minute to the next and i'm feeling squirrelly! especially since daylight savings time starts A WHOLE MONTH EARLY this year! did i tell ya how excited i am about that?

my schedule at the spa has changed a bit (along with my hair...did i mention i have new color, new cut???), new opportunities outside of there are being thrown in front of me, and i'm hosting a ladies life group (bible study/discussion/encouragement..."doing life together") in my home beginning this Sunday afternoon. i have a serious opportunity to go on a cruise at the beginning of May and take continuing education on board, making the whole thing tax deductible. dammit, i'm growing up!

all exciting, and sometimes nerve wrecking due to all the in between drama of it all. i've been stressing getting ready to do my taxes, also stressing peeling off some personal layers, all the while concerned about the bottom line of whether i can afford to take a day off so i don't lose my mind soon. i finally came to the conclusion that i can't afford to NOT take a day off next week. so, i have a lovely Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday with no plans and no obligations coming my way next week that will hopefully take care of all the squirrelliness and "had it up to here!"-edness that i've been feeling lately.

i'm hoping for a hike at Oak Mountain with my cousin on Tuesday. come on warmer weather...

p.s. go see "Amazing Grace" at the theatre. bring kleenex and prepare to be inspired.