Monday, September 03, 2007

an evening with OTR

I saw Over the Rhine last night at 3rd and Lindsley. It was grand, and Karin and Linford did not disappoint. From banging on a cookie sheet during "Don't Wait for Tom" to some banter that centered around a dog statue given to them by a pet organization ("as close as we'll probably get to a grammy...") to the usual flawless vocals and jam session-like feel we've come to expect from OTR, Karin and Linford seemingly invited us into a private studio session with them. You'd never have known they just got back from tour dates in Europe and it was their last performance for 11 days, a well-deserved break before kicking off the bulk of their American tour.

Swan Dive (opening act) wasn't too shabby either. OTR's drummer is married to Swan Dive's lead singer. Btw, the drummer kicked boo-tay! I do wish I'd gotten footage of his solo - amazing! His mom was there, so you know he sweated a lil xtra to make her proud ;)

One huge funny...a guy (who I mistook for a girl at first) was finding his seat right before the show started and had this shirt on: I will spare you the full picture. You'd thank me, I assure you.

okay, the video sucks cuz my batteries were low and it was dark. i had to keep a little live taste of OTR, tho, so here's what I got:
That is definitely the best $20 I've ever spent.

p.s. go out and pick up "The Trumpet Child," OTR's new one. these are hard working folks who actually deserve your support! hey, and they actually have this one available on vinyl for you record addicts =)