Thursday, August 10, 2006

Barely Breathin'

i just got back from seeing one of my all time fav artists in concert.

Duncan Sheik

it was absolutely one of the best concerts ever. i've always thought Duncan's first CD is the best chill music. you know, the kind you can sit out on the porch with a beer in hand and a couple of friends shootin the breeze. just chill.

now D goes and surprises me with a pure rock sound on his new CD along with Gerry Leonard's "face-melting" guitar solos. recognize the name? yeah, Gerry is David Bowie's former lead guitarist! DS has some major talent in the band, including borrowing his opening act's cellist and violinist for a few numbers. (opener: Vienna Teng - not bad, good vocals and rhythmic piano, some political lyrics i didn't agree with, but whimisical enough to let her string players act out her last song hand motions and all. very entertaining!) Duncan, you've gotta shave the beard, or at least trim it. you're lookin a bit TOO scruffy. i actually thought it made him look much older than he really is. i guess all men go thru that stage, growing the beard and such. anyway, i had an awesome time and got good pics and a lil video, too. got to meet Duncan: he obliged me with an autograph/photo and chatted a bit. i commented that i do believe he has a flawless head voice. (he jumps up into it frequently during songs, love that!) i said joking a little, "You know, girls love that." he did a little dance like he was totally pleased with himself, grinned, and said, "Why do you think I practice it so much?"

oh, and did i mention he performs barefoot? yeah. and one huge benefit of seeing him in concert at the Belcourt Theatre: they serve beer. so i got to chill with Duncan, beer in hand. =)

perfect. absolutely perfect.