Saturday, January 22, 2005

Underwear dwarfs

things go missing at my apartment. spoons, measuring cups, socks, random stuff. there is no rhyme or reason to it! what's up with that? i mean, is it like on Southpark where everybody thinks Butters is one french fry short of a Happy Meal because he says there are dwarfs that keep stealing his underwear every night? where is this stuff going? a while back, a fork was missing, but then i found it stuck between the fridge and the cabinets where the vinyl flooring is coming up. then, spoons start going missing. and not my spoons, my roommate's spoons which i honestly don't care as much about as my spoons but just that they are missing bothers me - maybe because i'm afraid mine are next or maybe it's the "C" in me (for those of you who have taken PLACE class, you'll get that). and now it's a measuring cup. not that they are expensive or anything, i just wanna know where the heck these things are going!!! is it gremlins? kitchen dwarfs? a hungry sock-eating monster in the dryer instead of under my bed? and NOBODY better say it's just me getting old or i'll REALLY lose it!(not more kitchen stuff, ha ha, i know you were thinking it!)

so i'm wondering, does anybody else seem to have this problem, too? stuff disappearing from your place? if so, what? here's some interactive blogging for everyone (good idea, Amanda, interactive blogging) - what are the top five things that seem to go missing from your house or car?

my list:
3-measuring cups

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Let Freedom Sing!

so i was actually "fussed at" yesterday for not posting anything to my blog for a couple of months! my, how the tables have turned...i used to be the one doing the fussing and now i'm on the receiving end. go figure!

anyway, so what has jilly-vanillie been up to lately? hmmm, where to start...workin, karate-in, singin, ebayin...will definitely have to post long and detailed posts about each soon =)

most recently, in preparing for the "Let Freedom Sing!" concert at TPAC, i had a de ja vou moment...friday night dress rehearsal i was volunteered by one of my buddies to sing a solo. okay, concert a day away, asking me to do solo day before, where have i heard this before? yes, Amanda Jane, i felt your pain (and nervousness!!!) from christmas kick in and then i remembered the positive you focused on...hey, at least this doesn't give me time to be nervous about it! tru dat!

so, the solo went well (my 15 minutes of fame from being featured in Nashville Lifestyles magazine a few months ago seem to have been extended) as did the whole concert. and this year, not only did the music resonate deeply with me as it always does, i began to realize why fighting for freedom is so important for all of us. we are all in bondage to something. whether it's physical, emotional, spiritual, ideas, addictions, fear, poverty, wealth, expectations, i could go on and on. we all need to be freed from something. Yolanda King (Dr. King's daughter, yes i met her, got autograph and picture, very cool) said, " order for all of us to be free, we need to embrace our differences, until they don't make a difference..." and another speaker said something to the effect of "we've already been set free, that's the hard part! now, we have to stay free, that's on us."

amen, sister. tell it. highlight of the evening...watching Yolanda King give her father's "I Have A Dream" speech with the film of her father being projected behind her at the same time, also with the orchestra playing "Battle Hymn of the Republic" underneath and us the chorus singing it after Yolanda finished by saying, "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"
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