Thursday, July 17, 2008


yesterday, i began a series of knee injections that will hopefully decrease my pain as the damaged cartilage continues to heal. that really made me feel ALL of 35 and definitely older.

today, i was actually up before my birth time of 6:21 am, which has to be a first since that original day...

finals were given and taken,
fits were thrown,
forgiveness was given.

somehow in the midst of the craziness of the day, i was blessed with a little "me time" and had a pedicure (complete with awesome massage chair) and then a nap.

my night students threw me a party, complete with balloons, banners, food, cake, musical card and a present. that soooo rocked my world.

it also makes me even more super happy that there's a full moon on my birthday. =)

(and the "official" party is not until bale, we can't wait to see you in that rubber suit again!)

so far, i gotta say, 35's not so bad after all.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


the annual momentous day looms a week away
this year feels like a big one

my night students are baking me a cake (luv those girls)
mom will be happy

all i really want is to go see The Dark Knight with my friends
and maybe have a good massage =) oh, and of course, a good beer.

life is grand.