Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kyle XY

Matt Dallas

ohhhhh ho ho ho hoooooooooooooh! you've gotta go HERE

where has this 23 year old YUM-A-LICIOUS blue-eyed hunk been? why have we not seen him in anything before? yeah, i know he's a bit young for me. a girl can look, can't she?

hey, Alias got cancelled, I need a new TV addiction...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"I would take a bullet for you..."

I'm rifling thru the massage forms yet to be filed at the end of the day today to find my client's file (cause it still hasn't been filed from last week, don't even get me started...) so I can make session notes when whose name should appear on a form?

Matthew Kearney

SHUT UP!!! Mat Kearney was in here and I didn't know about it??? That is just too cool. Not the fact that I didn't know about it and wasn't his massage therapist (bummer), but that he was in my spa!

I don't really think he's a hottie or anything, but I LUV his music so that would make it super cool if he was my client. I just love that he was in the spa where I work!

Man, it's cool to work at a place that seems to be a celeb magnet. MJ, Christy Nockels, and now Mat Kearney.

Who's next? Bono?

Who would YOU want to show up randomly at your workplace?