Sunday, May 27, 2007

that about covers it...

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always said I'd drive it til the doors fell off...

I guess even tupperware doesn't last forever. yes, I am okay. not a scratch on me. the financial stress hurts more than anything.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

upcoming refill

it's been a stressful few weeks of more massage than I could physically handle since the Music City Marathon (good for the pocketbook, bad for the shoulders), drama and lessons learned, and my Nannie (grandmother on mom's side) fell last week and fractured a vertebrae in her neck. yes, it was an emotional mother's day weekend. PTL, Nannie is more stable and stronger everyday and they are talking of moving her from ICU into a regular room if her progress remains steady.

strong spiritual questions and digging deeper abound from life situations and discussions in my small group on sunday nights.

my well's getting a little dry, so I decided to do something about it...

on the docket for thursday (a bonus extra day off for me this week) is a trip to Warner Park. woods, dirt, trails, quiet.

and for Monday night:

Heather and I are heading to TPAC to see Maya. wonderful, well-spoken words will abound.

my prayer is to have ears to hear and a heart that listens.