Friday, March 31, 2006

the many faces of Jill

so it's the new craze. go on Google and type in "(your name) looks like" and see what pops up. you gotta use the quotation marks or it doesn't work. so for your amusement (and mine), here's what mine turned up:

-Jill looks like hell, because it's seven-thirty and she hasn't had a shower
-Jill looks like she is done laying her eggs for the year.
-Jill looks like a very sweet and honest person.
-Jill looks like she could stand to be elsewhere. (which is why i'm going on VACATION in 3 weeks. whooo hoooooo!)
-JILL LOOKS LIKE THE REAL ONE I mean she looks like the real one wearing the out fit and i think she rocks more asses than Milla Jovavich even if she only uses a pistol. (you know it!)
-Jill looks like she’s going to cry.
-Jill looks like Lisa Loeb. (speaking of Lisa, have any of you guys seen her new show "#1 Single" on E! network?)
-Jill looks like a beautiful women, like a angel and she gives a bright glow everytime I see her picture.
-Jill looks like a giant flat piece of crap.. and i just realized i messed up one of her tits...
-Jill looks like an angel as she sleeps.
-Jill looks like you have pimped out your space. nice. (word!)
-Jill looks like, "Huh?"
-Jill looks like her Mom too.
-Jill looks like a mermaid that walks the earth.
-Jill looks like she’s about to smile.
-Jill looks like she'd be "tough" instuctor if I took one of her classes, she trained military groups for quite a number of years
-Jill looks like a vampire (hmmm, note to self: quit vamping it up at halloween)
-Jill looks like she is in good shape (hooray!!!)
-Jill looks like a tomato
-Jill looks like a fun person to hang with (awwww, you guys!)
-Jill looks like she's enjoying herself.. Jack's.. uh.. I don't wanna know. (HA!)
-Jill looks like Janice the muppet from Dr. Gonzo's band.
-If Jack's in love he does not care what Jill looks like... (AMEN!!!)

yes, that was amusing indeed. go on, you know you wanna do it.

Friday, March 17, 2006

If it's not Irish, It's crap!!!

Did you notice that even Google was dressed up today?

All dressed up in our Irish Green, we girls headed to downtown Franklin for some green beer and taste o' the Irish. Yes, folks, i enjoyed the traditional pint o' Guiness (with the Shamrock drawn in the foam) tonight at the Mellow Mushroom.

Yes, I know. That's no Irish Pub! We had to wait there and have appetizers while we waited for a table at McCreary's. Whaddya do with a 2 1/2 hour wait? Ya walk down the street and have drinks and appetizers while flirting with the cute bartender in the Irish ballcap at the 'Shroom.

I even had an Irish Car Bomb. Shot o' Bailey's/Jameson dropped into a 1/2 pint o' Guiness and chugged before it turns into a Cement Mixer (which is totally YUCKY - got dared into drinkin one of those before I knew what it was once...). Not too shabby. The barkeep was impressed enough that one o' the female species could chug this one down to give me a Guiness Button, which I proudly wore on my right shoulder all night long and now hangs on my wall, just beneath the Samuel Smith towel (shhhhh, don't tell, that one's English).

Yes, indeed, we girls (Heather, Courtney and I) had an awesome time even waiting for a table outside McCreary's once we vacated the 'Shroom. There were a couple of cute and fun guys outside the pub that even tried to help these girls back into a small parking space with an SUV. It was quite amusing. The girls ended up driving off, even though they were totally in the parking space. Guess the fun guys scared 'em off.

Once in McCreary's, we partook of Irish music, dancing, good beer, funny conversation with this guy that kept hitting on all 3 of us, fish & chips, irish stew & soda bread, and the "No Morals" game (ask Heather about that). Indeed a GLORIOUS ST. PATTY'S DAY!!!

So, friends, I leave you with my toast this evening (raise your glasses)...


Thursday, March 16, 2006

my own "That Ain't Right"

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is my car, and yes, that is egg on my car. EGG!!! Somebody "egged" my car! MY car! What the #@$!, people? I'm a nice person. At least I think I am. What did I ever do to anybody to deserve getting my car "egged"?

Now I didn't notice this mess til today, because it's on the passenger side of my car. I just saw what I thought was bird poop on my side mirror. Then, this morning on my way to the chiropractor, I noticed some goo-like crap on my passenger side rear window. At first I thought it was spit (but seriously, who would spit on a car?), so I investigated further after my adjustment.

Yes, there were obscenities uttered. Probably the tamest of which was, "Who the HELL egged my car?!?!?!?" I still stand by my earlier argument. Generally I'm a nice person. Why the heck would anyone wanna egg my car? Yeah, I made some chic who was lounging on the curb behind the spa move the other day so I could park there (it is a marked off parking space) because it was the only space left. Would she egg my car over that? God I hope not. Maybe it's like Heather said and just some crazy teenagers pranking and such. Who knows?

Whatever the reason, thank you to the uncouth person who did it because my car needed washing anyway. :PPPPPPPPPPP You do owe me $6 for the SERIOUSLY LONG FRICKIN TIME I spent SCRUBBING AND SCRAPING at the self car wash today. I guess it's true, there is a first time for everything (maybe I should be proud, awwwww, my first egging), but I still say, "That Ain't Right!"

Friday, March 10, 2006

analyze this

i tend to be super reflective this time of year. take a minute and GO HERE for me. it's intriguing and i need your help for it to be truly enlightening. thanks!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

what it is what it is

i saw this on my buddy, loof's blog. it's pretty cool. go get your own wordcloud!