Tuesday, February 08, 2005

the right path

off and on, for a few years, i've had nudges about writing a book. i never really acknowledged them seriously, maybe just in passing with friends by saying something like, "i should write a book about that." i even had a title strike me one night and thought, "hey, that would make a great title" and then just grinned, savored the thought and stored it in the idea cabinet.

but i've had more nudges recently, especially in the past week. on my way to work one day, the words Everybody has a story to tell came into my mind and i knew that was going to be the first line in the book. it was so clear, i could visually see the words on a page.

so when we broke up into smaller groups within our small group to pray wednesday night, i asked the other girls to pray over this "nudging" with me because i'm a little nervous and excited all at the same time about it. i'm a little nervous because i think this is supposed to be the kind of book where i choose to be completely transparent and real, sharing experiences and struggles and the things God has taught me through it all. i know it's not supposed to be about the story i want to tell, but about the story God wants to tell. Tabitha prayed over me, asking our loving Father to give me confirmation and i so echoed that prayer. within the first 2 minutes of the Louie Giglio teaching we were listening to, he says something to the effect of, "it's not about my story, it's about God's story." yeah, i about fell off the couch right then. i had just said that less than five minutes prior. i even listened to the CD again after bible study to make sure i heard it right. no mistake, there it was. and part of what Louie was teaching that night was about simplifying our decision making. how we totally think too much and over-analyze everything (guilty as charged here) instead of listening to God, following our heart's desire because God's the one who gives the very desires to us in the first place. when we're the right person, and it's the right decision, and it's the right time, it will just be almost effortless. you won't have to force anything to happen. we've been put on a path, and it's about walking hand-in-hand with our Daddy because He will make the path straight.

almost a year ago i wrote this in my journal: "Lord, teach me what it means for me to call you Father. Hold my hand and walk with me. Shine Your truth in my face, stare me down, look me in the eye so I see no one but You." i believe that is exactly what He has been doing since then, maybe even my whole life. i feel so blessed to finally begin to really "get it," to truly feel free in Him. to be the best me He has designed me to be. i think maybe that's what i'm supposed to share in this book...life and love, peace and wholeness.

Everybody has a story to tell...

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At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Katharine said...

I am excited about this potential new adventure. I will be praying for you as you explore the possibilities. Writing is always a great exercise because it helps us work through our experiences. You have had so many different experiences that saying them outloud could be helpful to a lot of people. Cool.


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