Friday, February 25, 2005

I'd Rather be Basket Weaving

i saw that on a car tag the other day. "I'd Rather be Basket Weaving" LOL!!! craziness.

now, of all the things i'd rather be doing, weaving some sticks together while getting splinters under my fingernails is not my idea of fun (have you ever had that happen? yowch!!!)

if i had to pick what i'd rather be doing, i think it would be (in no particular order):

1-reading a book
2-listening to music
3-playing guitar
4-playing cards
6-taking pictures
7-driving while listening to music
9-hanging out with friends
10-watching Alias or a movie



speaking of craziness, i had a bit of my own today. i woke up this morning and the right side of my jaw was swollen (big-time!) from my ear down to the top of my neck! i was like what the heck??? it started last night, a little swelling at the corner of my jaw, wasn't much of anything, didn't hurt. i thought maybe it was aggravated TMJ stuff or maybe i cracked my neck one too many times and did something muscular. i took 2 aleve and put an ice pack on it and went to bed. this morning, big time swelling!!! i mean like mongoloid looking swelling! i turn my head L and then R, no problems. roll it around all the way, no problems. push and poke around on the muscles in my neck and shoulders, no problems. no pain, full range of motion. i gently push a little around the area that is swollen, a little tenderness here and there, but not really painful. just feels like pressure, feels heavy, not achy. this is really weird! now i'm self conscious enough as it is, without one side of my face looking like i have a tumor or something. not helping! now i did weigh myself this morning and discovered i have lost 5 more pounds, so that did help cheer me up a bit (whoo hoo!)

so i go to the doc, and it's just as much a mystery to her as it is me. i am feeling absolutely fine otherwise, haven't been sick since christmas, and no sinus crap going on right now. now there is a wisdom tooth half in on that side, so we are considering that as a possibility. but, there's no swelling inside my mouth or pain around the tooth at all! it's madness i tell ya! (Phoebe - "Stop the maaaaddnesssssssss!!!") could be an infected lymph node, but not sure. so they draw some blood to run some tests, put me on steroids (make you gain weight! not excited about that!) and antibiotics, tell me to keep on with the aleve and ice pack and life as usual for now and they will call me on monday with test results.

so while i wait for test results and try to find a dentist to check this wisdom tooth out (just to be safe), i have to go around looking like an alien is about to burst out of my jaw or somebody beat the crap out of me (which we know isn't true, but if confronted with that remark i will reply "yeah, and you should see the OTHER guy!!!"). i really have no desire to be out in public right now. work should be interesting tomorrow :p and if i don't look any better by sunday morning, i'm definitely skipping sunday school and just going to worship (like that's new, i know, was actually thinking about going to SS this week...) yeesh, maybe i'll just catch up on the sessions of the Louie Giglio CD series i missed in small group and sing and play guitar. maybe it'll all be better by tomorrow. that would be nice. then i wouldn't have to show up at Chili's tomorrow night for Ginger's going away party trying to hide the fat face with my hair or a scarf or how about a mask? yeah! that's it! Amanda, we should make it a costume party, a Masque, even! dude! that would so make me feel better. i know Emmy Sue understands. :p yeesh. peace out til Monday...


At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Katharine said...

If you go to David's website he has it bookmarked as a favorite or just click on his name after one of his posts. It should link to him.
Sorry about your face. That is too wierd and frustrating. You could tell people you are trying out some new custome makeup, wanted to see how believable you could make it look?


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