Friday, May 01, 2009

Bare Naked Living

so I went on a retreat 2 weeks ago with a group of awesome single ladies from my church. the Bare Naked Ladies Retreat. yes, the goal was to be naked....spiritually and emotionally. take off the masks. remember who tells us who we are, it is only Christ who gives us our identity and really receive that truth as he flushes out the lies.

2 weeks later...

God had been telling me to get rid of my cable tv (for a few months I think, I'm a Food Network junkie...) and I had been resistant. After the retreat, I was finally obedient and got rid of it. Let me tell you how quickly and how much God has poured out his blessings...due to some funky computer error with my levelized/budget billing, the elec company had to credit back my elec. deposit back to my account 6 months earlier than they normally do. So basically, I won't have to pay an elec bill for 3-4 months. Also, gained a new massage client which is more income as well. And that's just on the financial side of things...

I've also seen God answer a prayer before I even asked it in a very creative way that made me laugh! funny story...barely skidded into work on time Tuesday morning and the lead instructor saw me. prayed this afternoon on my way home that God would change my attitude about getting up in the morning, change my thinking on what time I need to leave, help motivate me to go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier and leave for work earlier, etc.

right after praying that, returned a call to a friend, who called Monday when I was on the phone and forgot to call her back. she asked if she could stay with me for a couple of nights and get a ride to work in the morning, etc. her roomie (and roomie's car) are out of town on vacation. so that meant I'd DEFINITELY be getting up earlier to drop her off at work before I went to work, LOL! I later realized that God already knew my need and had answered even before I asked.

He DOES work in mysterious ways!!! Are YOU paying attention?


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